About relation lier


Here is the little magic to tell you-


To love yourself

To be who you are

To enjoy yourlife, to be happy and to live free!


In 2013,

The edge of energy that you can see and you can't see become ONE, at last it has began that the new era to have our life with the energy that you can't see.


There is nothing we can't overcome things because anything meant to be happend.

If you feel some problem or signal through your body, it is the chance to grow up and step forward!

It's because you can find important message from it to make your life brighter.


For letting stuck energy away and release your negative feelings, I help you to lead your way, find yourself and progress your life as I give you body massage with reading your signal through your body.


Feel your heart that fill with the happiness and make your life shine more.

Everythng will be OK at the end. That is how the life make it so.



Healer Yukari Kawanishi


One day,

Once in my entire life,

I've experienced that time of my life had stopped.

When I hold on to live my life that I can't see it but it is exist, I chose to one road to manage myself.

Things I can't see but I feel the energy, it starts to develop a gift in easy stage.

I find out myself from what I had through, I know the reason, I realize what mission I have for this life, and why I was born.


Communion of cosmic forces,

the life was giving.

The life is very precious.

It has been said that is as 30 years to blink one time of your life.


I am consious of your health and peace, to talk to your body, feeling and your soul through universal life energy.

To share plentiful life,

-deep touch and stroke-

walk into the wild to meet yourself.


Not you can see but it is here to exist,

telling you the important things with soul of language,

I would help you to open the door for the sparking future and bloom your life free.


I appreciate all,


relation lier

Yukari Kawanishi

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